About Educatius Group

Over the past 10 years, Educatius Group has welcomed students from over 50 countries to academic programs worldwide. As an experienced and trusted organization, we are truly a leader in the field of international education.

In the USA, we partner with excellent Private Day, Boarding and Public High Schools and Districts to recruit and enroll qualified international students in long term academic F-1 high school programs.  Our SELECT High School programs allow students to choose their perfect school in some of the most desirable locations in the USA; and our BASIC High School programs provide an affordable option for international students looking for a more flexible or academic alternative to the J1 high school exchange.  Our extensive and CSIET listed host family program finds and matches international students with a caring and welcoming American family. The ongoing support Educatius provide to all students - and the schools they attend and the host families in which they live - ensures that students are supported and happy throughout their stay.  Even foreign governments award us with contracts to place their sponsored or scholarship students in our programs - a strong testament to our diligence, professionalism and high standards in everything we do.

We also have an outstanding program for students seeking higher education in America via our University Scholarships and Community College Programs.  
our sister nonprofit organization, AiDucatius, we provide educational
support to children in Africa and Latin America.

Today, Educatius:

  • Has 30 offices throughout 17 countries and 28 cities
  • Offers, in addition to the USA High School and University Programs, inbound high school programs in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • Enrolls students from over 50 countries represented in our USA partner schools
  • Places thousands of students total to all countries per year
  • Cooperation with more than 500 international partners recruiting students
  • Has over 2,000 school partners throughout the world
We have offices throughout the world in the following countries:
  • USA - Boston and Fort Smith, San Clemente, Grand Rapids, Elkhart and Bellingham.
  • Scandinavia - Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland
  • European continent: Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria
  • China - Beijing, Shanghai and Guanghzou
  • British Isles - London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin
  • South America - Brazil
  • Australia - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Vietnam - Hanoi
  • Turkey - Istanbul
There is no other organization that offers the same range of high school programs and support to international students.  And we believe in giving back too - our sister charitable organization AiDucatius improves lives through Education with children in Tanzania, The Gambia, Brazil or Ecuador.

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