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Windermere Prep School

Private Boarding School – Windermere , Florida

At Windermere Prep School students are equipped with knowledge, the desire to seek the truth and fortitude to become life-long learners who are prepared for college. The philosophy of the school provides an educational environment that fosters civic virtue, which includes honesty, integrity, trust, self-worth, self-discipline, respect for authority, concern for others, and pride in community and country. WPS is the first private school in Central Florida to offer the International Baccalaureate Degree Program! WPS’s school administrators and faculty are highly professional, committed, knowledgeable, and are recognized as a critical part of a strong education. The School community grows out of strong, open communication between administration, faculty, parents, students, and the community at large.

Dormitories and School Residences
Students in the residential program live in spacious houses in the surrounding villages. Students share comfortable bedrooms, typically two or three to a room. The houses have a family room, recreation room, meeting/study room, and a light meal kitchen and breakfast nook for the residents to share. Each house has a live-in Housemaster who supervises the residents and is available to assist them with homework and student life.

The town of Windermere is 15 miles southwest of Orlando and only a few minutes from Disney World.

Area population: 3,100
Town website: Town of Windermere

Estimated Start Date: Mid-August
Estimated End Date: Late May

School Facts

Year Founded


Student Population


Number of Students

1380 (30% International)



Teacher/Student Ratio


Average Class Size


ESL Programs


IB Programs


Offer Diploma


School Uniform


Campus Size

48 Acres

Religious Affiliation


SAT Average


Foreign Languages

  • French
  • Latin
  • Spanish


  • 2D Art
  • 3D Art
  • Advanced Music
  • Advanced Theater
  • Architecture
  • Beginning Band
  • Broadcast News
  • Building Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Classical Piano
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Dance
  • Advanced Dance
  • Intermediate Dance
  • Dance Technique
  • Drawing
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Film Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Intorduction to Film
  • Jazz Band
  • Junior Band
  • Modern Dance
  • Marching Band
  • Orchestra
  • Piano Lab
  • Photography
  • Show Choir
  • Technical Theatre
  • Theatre
  • Theater Production
  • Advanced Visual Arts
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Yearbook
  • IB Dance
  • IB Film
  • IB Visual Arts

AP Courses

  • Environmental Science
  • European History
  • Human Geography
  • World History


  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Weightlifting

Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

  • Art
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • French Language
  • Latin
  • Music Theater
  • Newspaper
  • Spanish Language
  • Community Service
  • Yearbook
  • National Honor Society
  • Pep Band
  • School Play
  • Speech & Debate
  • Thespians

Partial List of College and University Acceptances

Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Michigan State University, New York University, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Princeton University, Purdue University, Queen Mary University of London (UK), School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stanford University, Syracuse University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC San Diego, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of South Carolina, University of Texas, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dartmouth College, University of North Carolina, Vanderbilt University

University Acceptance Rate:

Closest International and Local Airports: Orlando International Airport (MCO)
For Details Visit Website:   Windermere Prep School

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