International High School Student Videos

 International Student Anne from Germany  Anne from Germany - High School in Florida 

The comprehensive performing arts program at Indian River Charter School allowed Anne to continue dancing in sunny Florida
   Benedetta from Italy - High School in California

Benedetta loved her host family, "They will always have a piece of my heart!"
 Catherine from Norway - High School in Florida

"Now I actually dream in English, and think in English. My Norwegian has got worse, I have to worry about that when I get home!" In 1 year, Catherine has improved her English so much by interacting with her American friends, host family and teachers. 

International Student Gabriel from Spain  Gabriel from Spain - High School in Rhode Island 

With the support of friends, family, host family and the school, Gabriel got accepted to Johnson and Wales University after completing one year at an American public high school.
 Jardel from Brazil - High School in California

Jardel was new to football prior to coming to America. After practicing for one semester, he took pride in receiving the title J.V. Rookie of the Year. "It's something I will remember forever!"
International Student Lily from China  Lily from China - High School in California

It has been Lily's dream to be a fashion designer. After one year of studying at a public school, Lily got accepted to one of the finest design college in New York City and the world!
International Student Marco from Italy  Marco from Italy - High School in Massachusetts

At Marblehead High School, Maco took 5 AP courses and some courses at MIT, and joined the Maths Team. Everyday he was one step closer to his goal to get accepted to one of the world-renowned American universities

International Student Victoria from Brazil  Victoria from Brazil - High School in California

Fascinated by the multi-cultural, open and tolerant California, Victoria decided to stay on and become one of them. She wanted to study International Relations at UCLA.