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Study in Scandinavia

For more information, please click here to visit our sister company Explorius.

Educatius International is excited to offer international students high school programs where they can experience the life and culture of the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Away from the more “traditional” exchange destinations students that attend this program will experience truly unique traditions, languages and ways of life. Even though most of the Nordic countries all have areas close to the North Pole there are very big differences between them as well as even within them. They all have one thing in common though – they offer experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Schools and Host Families
Students attend state high schools that do not charge any fees to accept the students. Students are enrolled as foreign exchange students and enjoy life at school in the same way as the local students. With very few exceptions all classes are taught in the local language which is a big challenge for the international students of course. Students will have class mates helping them out with some “whisper translations” a lot of the time but are expected to learn the local language well enough to follow classes after a while. Therefore previous knowledge of the local language is recommended even though it is not a requirement for admission.

Students stay with host families in the local community. Host families are not paid for hosting (with very few exceptions), and Educatius International together with our partner organization Explorius Education, handles the screening, placement and supervision during the program. The families all have a strong desire to welcome foreign students and offer them the true experience of the culture in the Nordic country. In the day to day life students will be able to communicate using English and this is why an intermediate level of English is required for admission to the program. Again, students are expected to learn the local language though.

Educatius International offers placements in schools and families spread out all over the Nordic Countries. A student can choose the country he/she would like to go to and is then placed in that country. Placements differ from year to year and new host families and schools are added so no information about available schools and families is available in advance.

Who Can Attend
Students aged 15-18 are eligible to attend the program. All students must have and maintain a passing grade point average as well as a level of maturity and motivation to study abroad. All students are required to take a ELTiS-test and the minimum score for acceptance is 222.

The application deadline for the fall is April 15 and for the spring is October 1. However it can sometimes be a lengthy process to arrange for the placement so please send your applications in early. Students apply to the country in which they wish to attend the program. Educatius will then through our partner Explorius Education find the best suitable placement for the studnt within that country.

Please see separate Program Manual for more details regarding the application process.


  • Please see separate price list for up to date fees and prices. Prices include:
  • High school match and placement
  • Host family match and placement
  • Host family accommodation on full board basis*
  • Guardianship and supervision by Explorius officials during the program
  • Visa application documents and support
  • Airport meet and greet**

* Students are provided with breakfast, and dinner. In some placement lunches at school may be included but otherwise students are responsible for buying their own school lunches.
** All students are picked up at the airport by their host family or Explorius Education representative on arrival.