Community College Program

American Community Colleges are an excellent option for international students to study higher education in the USA. USA Community Colleges provide two years of education leading to an Associate’s degree.

Or, more academically-focused international students choose American Community Colleges with transfer agreements to transfer their credits to a Bachelor's degree at a 4-year university or college. Community College transfer programs are a great way for international students to save money on the first 2 years of a university education, adjust to the American culture and English language, and then complete the remaining 2 years at a traditional university campus.

International students who do not qualify for traditional 4-year universities or colleges - due to low English level, or no high school diploma - also find that they can improve their chances of entering a competitive university after taking 2 years at a Community College.

During the past decade, enrollment at USA Community Colleges has dramatically increased for both American and international students. Currently 45% of American students attend Community Colleges.

Attending the Educatius International Student Community College Program is an effective and cost efficient way to start on the path to a university degree or specialized career field. Educatius can place qualified international students with almost every Community College in the country, but we also have select number of Community College partners that offer the strongest support to our international students. Many of our Community Colleges offer international students on-campus residential accommodation, in addition to the host family option provided by Educatius. International students enjoy a full course load with high quality academics at first-class facilities, in a true American college campus environment.

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