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US Boarding School Scholarships

Boarding School Scholarships at American High Schools

Attending an American boarding school is a dream for many international students. Students live right on campus, have top ranked academic courses, take advantage of excellent sports and arts facilities and enjoy a full schedule of activities to help them enjoy their time at school and succeed in the future!

But boarding schools are the elite of the educational system and can have very high prices as well as ​ a​ very competitive application process. Some international students who would benefit from the boarding school experience might not even consider the benefits of boarding schools and look instead for other options.

However, many good American boarding schools put top priority into accepting students from all over the world, and many will offer a partial merit scholarship to international students that might be $5,000; $10,000 or even much more off the regular price of the tuition.

Educatius Group’s US boarding school partners offer exclusive scholarships to your talented students from around the world. High school students from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Czech Republic and more have benefited from these partial scholarships.

Many of our boarding school partners offer partial scholarships to qualified international students - exclusively through Educatius partners around the world! Here are just 4 examples, but there are many more! Contact us for more details:

Presentation of Mary Academy - Metheun, Massachusetts

    • Beautiful traditional boarding school campus in a medium sized New England town, 40 minutes from Boston
    • 220 Students in High School, Low International Student Population (15%)
    • Student dormitory is a former estate villa
    • Excellent academic track record; Graduates have been accepted to leading universities such as MIT, Vanderbilt University, Smith College
    • Foreign Languages include AP level french and Spanish
    • Accepting students grades 9-12, ELTiS 215
    • View the student experience at Presentation of Mary Academy

East Catholic High School - Manchester, Connecticut

    • National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence; Large school located in medium sized town in New England, 750 students in high school
    • Competitive sports teams including swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, hockey
    • 49 teams compete in 29 different sports; Sports teams have won state championships 59 times since school was founded in 1961
    • Outstanding arts program includes AP courses in Music Theory and Studio Art
    • Graduates go on to study at Yale, Penn State, Cornell and Georgetown
    • Accepting students in grades 9-11, ELTiS 227 Accepted
    • Students share what life is like living and studying at East Catholic High School

Norfolk Christian School - Norfolk, Virginia

    • Located in a large town in a beautiful coastal location on historic Chesapeake Bay, 20 minutes from the beach
    • Modern campus with top tier facilities for sports and academics
    • 250 students in High School
    • Foreign languages include French, Latin and Spanish at an Honors level
    • Accepting grades 8-11, ELTiS 215 Accepted
    • University Acceptances include Yale, Penn State, Cornell and more
    • Watch what residential life is like at Norfolk Christian School

Pope John XXIII High School - Boston, Massachusetts

    • Located in the suburbs of Boston; students can easily access downtown via public transportation; near some of the best universities in America, such as Harvard, MIT and Tufts
    • 300 students in High School
    • Competitive boy's and girl's sports teams include tennis, soccer, baseball, volleyball and even a championship basketball team
    • Foreign Languages include Italian and Spanish (Spanish AP)
    • Accepting grades 9-12
    • University Acceptances include Boston University, New York Institute of Technology, Pace University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University
    • ELTiS Accepted
    • View students sharing what life is like living and studying at Pope John XXIII High School

Contact your local sales manager for a complete list of scholarships available to students in your country or email us at