Prepare for high school - summer camp!
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Prepare for high school - summer camp!
Summer Camp
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BASIC Public High School Program

Many international students dream about attending high school in the USA, and can flexible about where they live, in order to spend less money. Or, they are interested in studying and living in a smaller town to really get to know the community around them.

Educatius' BASIC Public High School program is a great alternative for international students looking for a lower cost program, but with more benefits and flexibility than a J-1 program can provide.

International students can choose our lower cost BASIC program – and benefit! 

  • We guarantee your students' placements
  • Qualified students in grade 12 can earn a diploma
  • Can accept students ages 14-18`
  • Can accept students who have graduated
  • Can consider students with medical conditions like allergies
  • Can accept late applications
  • Students can have a lower level of English

This can also be a great option for students who have already completed a J-1 program and wish to continue studying in the USA at a lower cost.

When enrolled in our BASIC Public School program, international students can enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of being an American student – including a full course load of subjects, and the ability to participate in all arts, activities and sports (where permitted by state law).

Program Features:

  • Qualified students in grade 12 can earn a USA high school diploma
  • Non-choice program, Educatius places the student at a school
  • F-1 visa
  • Schools are often in smaller, safe communities
  • Host families are paid a stipend for expenses
  • Year or semester (September or January) available
  • Students can choose to attend a Public, or a Private school
  • Can consider student applications with minor medical conditions
  • Late application deadlines: November 15 for January 2015 start, June 15 for Fall 2014 start
  • Guaranteed Placements for students accepted into the program

Student Requirements:

  • Age 14-18
  • C Average GPA
  • ELTiS 212
  • Skype Interview

We can accept age-appropriate graduated applicants

For students who want something special, consider BASIC PLUS:

For an additional supplementary fee, students can choose a particular sport, subject, language, or art; and we will place them in a school where they are able to participate.

Students who prefer a big city location, or to choose their exact location, and are less concerned about price should consider our SELECT Public High School Program.