Student Testimonials

We're happy to tell you all about our programs, but we think there's an even better way for you to see what makes them great — hear from our students!

What did you enjoy most about the USA?

“Everybody is SO nice, polite, and friendly. Everything is so convenient. All of my schoolmates are very supportive and welcoming and all the teachers are very understanding!” Chloe from Vietnam

"This year by far was the best year of my life. I'll remember all the experiences that I had here forever. My host family was the greatest thing for me, I actually consider them as my family. I really love them. All the friends that I made here I won't be able to forget. Everyone was super nice to me and were always there to support me when I needed. I really have nothing to complain about this year." Gustavo, Brazil

"It's not about the place but who you meet and what you do out of it! I had a blast and made awesome friends." Peik, Sweden 

“I have enjoyed making new friends and getting to experience the culture in the U.S. I have learned a lot about myself and have become more outgoing and more mature.” Anne-Marte, Norway

What did you gain by coming to the USA?

“I came here because I wanted to know the American life and my brother came with this same program. I really love my host family and it is great to live with a different family and in a different culture. This program allows you to go to a typical American high school and that is an experience you will never forget. If someone is thinking about coming, they should do it; it is a great experience and helpful for your life.” Alina, Germany

“I think many people are nervous to live with a host family, because we are different, different culture, different habits, and different language. Maybe it is not very easy to get used to living with the host family, but, for me, I think just needed to understand and forgive the differences. The best part about coming to the US to be an exchange student is that I can feel different, know different culture, improve my English, and to learn more things. I think this experience increased my heart world, I learned a lot of stuff and I think became a lot more mature.” Baoying, China

“Staying with the host family helps me adapt to the new environment much more easily and improve my language. But more important, host families and students get to share memorable experiences and learn together. We create bonds between one another that will never end. Host family doesn't only provide a house for me to stay, they give me a place called home.” Nutcha “Ern” Charoenboon, Thailand

“When I came here, I couldn't speak English at all. But spending time with the host family and friends is making it much better. And I can have much fun to be here. This is also my precious experience to meet the friends from all over the world.” Eriko, Japan

“There is no money that is worth what I did and will do as my stay here continues. A friend is everything that someone needs to have. School is going great also. My friends and teachers are really cool. In my point of view, when we are at school, that is the best place to hang out and have fun with friends and learn each day more and more.” Guilherme, Brazil 

If you had the chance, would you do the Educatius program again?

"It was a great experience that taught me a lot about myself. I became more independent, and my English became so much better while I was there. Plus I had the most wonderful host family of all ..." Roosa, Finland

What's the best part about being on the Educatius program?

"The best part of being on this program is living an American life, and becoming more independent ..." Matilde, Portugal

J-1 Exchange to F-1 Public High School Transfer Success Story

Student name: P. T. Lee (Calls himself Leo)

Name of public high school attended on J-1 visa 2010/11: West Fork High School, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Name of Educatius public high school attending on F-1 visa 2011/12: Mesa High School, Mesa, Arizona

What do you like best about studying in the United States: “I feel freedom. I'm able to choose my course of study and where I want to go.”

About transfer process from J-1 to F-1 Visa: “I didn't do anything really, the process was easy. Getting an F1 visa was easy because they look and see you've already been here a year with no problems so it's much easier. There was an interview but the questions were simple so you just have to answer the questions.”

About graduating with US diploma: “Its cool to have an American Diploma and it will be much easier to find a college here having a diploma from a US high school.” P. T. Lee

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