Past Webinars

Thank you for your interest in our webinar recordings! We have a variety of topics to choose from to help you learn more about our programs and use our tools. To request a recording to our webinars, please contact your sales manager and they will provide you with the link. Thank you!


  Description    Date    
TOPIC: USA Schools - East Coast
  Boston is always one of the top destinations requested by international students. Join us to learn more about Beverly High School, a top public high school in Greater Boston.
  January 16, 2018    
TOPIC: UK and Ireland TBD   Learn more about our UK and Ireland programs!   January 23, 2018    
TOPIC: USA Schools with Great Winter Sports   Learn about USA F-1 SELECT schools with unique and outstanding winter sports teams, facilities and clubs. 
  January 25, 2018    
TOPIC: USA Schools - Midwest Focus
  Learn more about what the vast outdoors has to offer an education in the USA Midwest!
  January 30, 2018    
TOPIC: Canada   Canada is a fantastic destination for international students — learn more at our webinar!   February 6, 2018    
TOPIC: USA Boarding School Scholarships
  Learn which of our exclusive boarding schools have scholarships. This is a great opportunity for students who want an academically-enriched environment without the price tag.
  February 13, 2018    
  Learn which of our USA schools have a low cost option.
  February 27, 2018    
TOPIC: IB vs. AP Programs   Two well known academic tracks at high schools. But what is best for your students?
  March 1, 2018    
TOPIC: Europe Inbound Program   Learn more about what Europe has to offer students! Specifically designed for EU students looking to expand horizons in their continent. From Paris to Berlin, Europe is a destination with riveting history and culture! 
  March 6, 2018    
TOPIC: USA Host Family Placement
  Learn about our host family placement process.
  March 13, 2018    
TOPIC: USA Pacific Northwest Schools   Discover what makes the West Coast of the USA so popular!
  March 15, 2018    
  Learn about our Low Cost Academic Exchange option.
  March 20, 2018    
TOPIC: USA - Arizona Focus
  Learn about what our exclusive AZ schools have to offer. From the Grand Canyon to Phoenix, adventure awaits.
  March 27, 2018    
TOPIC: What's Closed and What's Available?   We still have many great schools to enroll your students in! Find out which are closed for admission and which are still available!
  April 3, 2018    
TOPIC: Canada High Schools
  Canada boasts one of the best education systems in the world. Learn more about the Canadian system — and our fantastic portfolio of schools — at this webinar!   October 9, 2018
TOPIC: UK and Ireland Academic Exchange Programs
  Hear more about our UK and Ireland Academic Exchange programs, which are low-cost, flat fee programs for students without EU passports at top performing state schools in the UK and private schools in Ireland.   October 11, 2018
TOPIC: USA (F-1) Academic Exchange Program
  Whether a student wants to participate in a particular academic program, live in a world-renowned city, study a particular subject or language, or pursue sports opportunities — or all of those things — our portfolio of Boarding, Private Day, and Public schools provide students with schools that meet expectations. Learn more about our USA F-1 programs at our upcoming webinar.    October 16, 2018    

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