A Trip to Nashville


My High School's Music Department organized a trip to Nashville over Spring Break for a music competition, and I was able to go since I am taking part in my school's chorus group. Our trip began with driving at 4am and honestly, that was a big part of the trip - it took us roughly two and a half days to get there and then two days back. "Roughly" because two of our buses broke down which resulted in us being stuck, luckily near a college where we were able to hang out for a little bit. We somehow arrived in Nashville, Tennessee in the middle of the night and got to the place of the competition with almost no sleep at all (for those of you who are curious: the competition went really well!). We explored downtown Nashville the remaining days, visited the Ryman Auditorium, the Zoo and many other interesting and great places. My friends and I had a really great time (and we were lucky with the weather which made everything even better!), and I hope you enjoy the little impressions video I made.

- Anna


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