Cross Country at American High School

Anna from Germany
Hi everyone, I'm Anna from Germany. This is my first blog for Educatius.

Almost all american High Schools are offering sports during the school year. The school year is divided into three sections - fall sports, winter sports, and spring sports. The time of the year schools offer each sport depends on the state and the weather condition of each state. States like California or Texas are able to let the students play Tennis in the winter, whereas states like Wisconsin, Maine, or Massachusetts can only offer outside sports in the fall or spring. But in return, some of these states have the opportunity to offer sports like skiing and snowboarding as a winter sport.

I am spending my exchange year in Beverly, Massachusetts, and I decided to do Track in the winter. My school offers Cross Country in the fall, Indoor Track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring for running, but also sports like soccer, field hockey and ice hockey, volleyball, and basketball.

Even though I have never tried running at home, I was determined to try something different and experience the American life as a high school student by doing a sport. I have become so much more self confident since I came as an exchange student to the United States of America and I have learned to be open minded and speak to people although I wouldn't have done that in Germany because I would have felt embarrassed most of the time. The experiences of doing Cross Country in the fall, and starting indoor track now, have shown me that you have to risk a bit in order to for example make new friends. Due to the fact that I am usually a shy person, it was more difficult for me to come out of my shell. I think it is important to enjoy the few months you have and do what you want, because otherwise you will regret that you didn't do what you could've. I didn't know anyone, when I went to the track tryouts. I had seen a few girls in school and I recognized two girls who are in my history and English class, but I had never really spoken to them before. I realized that probably every girl in this hall has never done track before because only the "new" people have to go to the tryouts. So I just walked to a few girls and started talking with them, I knew it couldn't be that bad. My mother always said that the worst thing they could possibly do is to say no or walk away, depending on the situation.

You will always have the opportunity to find new friends, but don't be shy. I met so many nice people because of doing sports, and also people who are freshmen and juniors, even though I am a sophomore at my school. Knowing people made my life as an exchange student so much better, I am not as homesick as I though I would be, and I have a person to do something with or talk to when I don't feel good.

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