Dealing with Loss When Studying Abroad

Anna from Germany
Hi guys! So, this month turned out to be a kind of tough month when something really unexpected happened. But to start off, although your exchange year is an awesome experience, I think every student who is or has been in a foreign country for a long period of time experienced a rather negative moment and maybe something you were a little afraid of before you came to the country. To be honest, my biggest fear was to lose an important person and to not be able to be there with the important people in my life, such as family. So, this month, an important person in my life sadly passed away and the worst thing was that it was totally unexpected for me.

I’m definitely not saying that this will happen to you - if you’ll go to a foreign country - but even if, you have always people you can count on. You are not alone! I couldn't image going to school the next day, but I knew it was a better decision to pull oneself together. I went to school that day and it really was the best decision to go. My friends noticed that I wasn't well at all and that something had to be wrong, they asked me about it and after I talked to them I felt a lot better. I know that I never questioned my decision to come here that day, but I think you can understand that I’d have rather been with my family.. If something like this should happen to you, the best thing you can do is talk to you friends and definitely to your host family. And I just reminded myself that the person wouldn't have wanted me or anyone he was associated with to be sad, or cancel this whole special experience. (And also - chocolate is healing and delicious as well!! (: )

Love, Anna

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