New Year`s Eve

Anna from Germany
Hi everyone! So if you don’t know, my name is Anna, I am from Germany and this is my second blogpost for Educatius International. And I’m really excited to talk about my first American New Year’s Eve!

I think I can consider myself lucky because I went to Boston with a few friends. It is definitely an awesome way to start the New Year with your host family because New Year’s Eve shouldn’t be about where you’re going or what you’re doing during that night. It should be about the people you are spending this special day or night with.

So, my friends and I took the train to Boston and it was actually pretty early, probably at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We walked around, tried our best on the ice skating rink, it was the first time ice skating for me in the United States and it was amazing! You have to know that I’m not the most talented skater, but I didn’t fall on the ground which I am a little bit proud of. And everyone who have been ice skating knows that falling isn’t an enjoyable part.

After our ice skating adventure in Cambridge, a part of Boston, we decided to get something to eat because we hadn't eaten for a while at this point, it had probably been more than four hours. We had reserved a table for 10.45 pm at a local restaurant, so we knew we weren't going to eat a lot or we probably just shouldn’t, so we just ended up having a snack and a coffee or hot chocolate (I love white hot chocolate, it’s really delicious and if you haven’t tried it you should ☺️). As far as I know, you’re not allowed to make a firework here in the USA unless it is an important public event, for example New Year’s Eve, at least in the state where I live. There was an event called ”First Night” where you can see a bunch of interesting things. We saw the ice sculptures, the firework at 7 pm and the few bands which where performing at the Copley Square. I was pretty exhausted after this exciting day in Boston but I am so glad I went! As an exchange student in a different country, I learned not to say no to those kinda things or at least not trying to say no.

I wish you all had an amazing start in 2016!!!

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