Prom at ERCA


2017 Prom at ERCA - June Blog

This video is perfect for any student that in the future plans to go study in an American high school, because is about the prom, the dance that takes place at the end of the school year and which is a competition of dresses, tuxedos, styles, best dancers, and best couples.

Actually you can go alone to the prom, luckily I had a date to go, so I could experience the full typical tradition in which the guy gives to his date a wrist corsage matching the single flower that the girl has to give him as a chest ornament.
Basically that's it. The rest is to match with your couple in the way you dress up, and to dance like crazy and have as much fun as possible!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the prom of EFCA 2017.

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