Trip to San Diego

Arnau from Spain

Trip to San Diego - April Blog

After being for 7 months in Pennsylvania shoveling snow in the mornings, I convinced my host mother to go visit her friends in San Diego, California, where I always wanted to visit.

In San Diego a couple friends of my host mother hosted us, paying all the meals, and giving us the most pleasant experience ever. They brought us to see all the landmarks of the city, we didn't miss anything, from the San Diego Zoo to the Old Town.

I also had the opportunity to take a train very early in the morning, to spend a whole day in Los Angeles, where I could see the Walk of Fame, the Magic Castle, Chinatown, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach, etc. In this trip and most of the time by my own I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people from many ages and origins, I learned a lot about America in just 7 days. I met people that were my age and I could compare them to the Americans from my school, and is impressive how much can the mentality, character and the behavior change depending on the state.

Student Blogger Arnau from Spain attending Lake Erie, PA 2017 USA

I also met Spanish people, that live in USA, Mexicans, people from New York, Russia, Armenia, United Kingdom... and each and every one of them where worth the time to talk and learn about the world and America from different perspectives, and I met most of these people while traveling, in the train or bus. These people are the ones that one meet seating next to each other for 5 hours in the plane, and that is probably why I dedicate some of my videos to the flights to go from one place to an other.

Also as you will see in this video I give a lot of importance on traveling in itself, the best experiences of a trip aren't in the driving or flying or taking the train, the things that we remember of a trip are the ones that we do during the trip but not the way to the new place. This is precisely why I like to record the traveling, because this is the part of the trip that we allays fail to remember but in fact is what contains all the expectations and nervousness, is when we create all the excitement and we get it ready for the trip. The traveling is when our trip is still full of possibilities in our minds.

So I hope you enjoy this short video of my trip "TRAVELING" to San Diego, and if you want to see what I really did there and in LA go to my YouTube channel, where in less than a week I will post at least three more videos about California!

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