Trip to San Diego Part 2

Arnau from Spain

Trip to San Diego: Part 2 - May Blog

Right in the middle of spring break my host mother and I went to San Diego to visit some friends of her and to visit the place as well. This video attached shows just the first day. We had a good day: in the morning we went to church, one of the most famous churches in USA just because of the pastor that is in charged of it, who wrote some very good books for Christians and who even own his version of the bible with explanations and summaries written by himself. In this church the interesting part as all the songs that they sing before the sermon has even started.

In America religion is a big celebration every Sunday, and if you are willing to enjoy it can be even fun, well the sermon is boring in any part of the world but at least in America they make a kind of celebration more fun than in Europe.

So in this first day after church we took the car and went to Coronado a peninsula that is connected to land in a famous shortcut The Coronado Bridge, and visit the Coronado Hotel, and the beach in front of it, we also went to see other beaches just to get used to the ambient o California and then we went back home because I had to get some things ready for a magic show that i promised to this family that were hosting us.

One day we went to the zoo of San Diego, an other day we went downtown where is full of old Mexican restaurants and business, and I even escaped one day taking the train to Los Angeles and i visited on my own Holly Wood, Santa Monica Beach, Beverly Hills, etc.

And that was the best experience that I had here in USA by far, having a family that is willing to travel with you is the best thing that can happen to any one, and even though my host mother is 78 years old, she accepted to do this trip with me. I also think that a year is quite a lot and believe it or not, you get into a routine that I believe is very good to break, because you see other parts of america, and also because that also strengthens the bond that you have created in between you and your host family, your host house and every thing that surrounds the everyday live in USA as a foreign student.

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