A Typical Day

Candice from France

A typical day in my life as an exchange student in the USA - February Blog

I am a Senior at Oak Park High School in California. It is a relatively small town not that far from Los Angeles and I have classes every day from 8:30am to 2:25pm. Here is a typical day in my life :

6:28am My alarm rings. I try to wake up at that time so that my host mom doesn't have to put effort in waking me up when she comes in my room to wake me up.

6:30am My host mom comes in my room with a cup of hot tea, she opens the shutters to give me some light and she wishes me a fabulous day, gives me some information about the weather as she knows my mood usually depends on that information (so she is very excited when she can tell me that it's gonna be a sunny day). She is so sweet and that's definitely a very good start of the day. I stay some more minutes in my bed to check my phone.

6:45am I go out and prepare my breakfast. I usually have some toasts with butter, a fruit and a sunny side up egg or some granola with fruits, or oatmeal. My breakfast is very different in the USA from my breakfast in France. I used to eat cookies or cereals in France or to not eat at all but here it’s my favorite meal of the day by far.

7:00am I take my shower and get ready for a school day. If I have the time I'm going to dry my hair and put make-up on, but otherwise I don't really care (even though I cared back home) because what is nice here is that nobody is going to look down at you, you do you and nobody judges you.

7:50am My host mom will drive my host sister, my Brazilian exchange student sister and me to school. In the car, we listen everyday to the same radio station, we love it. It is a lot of new musics, and we are sometimes able to hear funny pranks.

8:30am The first period of the day starts (We usually arrive 10 to 15 minutes early though, or at least that's what we aim for). On odd days I have English II and on even days I have AP French. Whoohoo I can say I am an AP student and I have a straight A in the class, does it count ?? ahah

10:05am It is the end of the first period and the beginning of Nutrition. It is our morning break. It lasts 20 minutes and I use this time to use the bathroom, to check my phone, to see my friends, or to print notes because I try not to print that much at home unless I don't have the choice.

10:25am It is the end of Nutrition and the beginning of the second period of the day. On odd days I have Life Skills and on even days I have US History. My Life Skills class is a senior class and it is pretty fun as we learn things important for life. My US History class is a junior class but it is also very interesting because we learn some things that we learn in France too but in a totally different angle.

12:05am It is the end of the second period of the day and it means it's LUNCH !!! At lunch it depends, sometimes I pack food from home, sometimes don't eat and eat when I come back home and sometimes I eat at the cafeteria. At the cafeteria, unless there's a pizza slice, it is pretty healthy, there's always a side of salad, the main dish that could be pizza, a burrito, a burrito bowl, pasta, a sandwich, tacos... There is also always a two-bites dessert and a portion of fruit. For lunch, we always go to the same table with all of the exchange students since the beginning of the year and it has been a tradition since then. I am going to miss this moment so much back home.

12:50am It's the end of lunch and the beginning of the third and last period of the day. On odd days I have Study Hall and on even days I have 3D-Design. In this class we sketch a little bit, but we mostly do ceramics, work with clay, and it's a lot of fun. Plus the teacher is nice and plays music while we're working. We also get to do a lot of group work and projects by groups.

2:25pm It's the end of school. There my host mom picks us up.

Then it depends on the days, sometimes we go and grab some food, sometimes we go to the mall but on a regular basis day we come back home directly. When we come back home if I haven't had lunch I eat lunch, otherwise I just eat a snack. After school in the USA, I have a lot of free time (in France I used to finish school around 5pm even though I started at 8am).During that free time I like to go to the gym, or watch YouTube videos...and also I need to get my homework done. I like having free time because we can organize activities and relax, but some days it seems a little bit long and when I'm home during that time I keep eating ahah!

Anytime from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, we are having dinner. But it depends on the days. My host family cooks very well and I enjoy their cooking. We don't always eat all together at the table and when it's not the case you can just eat whenever you want and you can eat where you want. But we try to eat together and gather for dinner pretty often. It is a moment of exchange when we all talk about what happened in our days and it can end up being a very funny conversation with a lot of debates and laughter. We eat earlier here than in France, at least in my family. I used to eat anywhere from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in France, but I think I like better eating earlier.

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 7:30pm to 9:30pm I have volleyball practice as I am playing club volleyball. It is so much fun, I like my teammates and it was a way for me to make new friends.

After dinner or after volleyball we mostly finish our homework together at the table in the living room, but we also play board games sometimes, or I also like to watch episodes of my favorite shows.

Anytime from 9:30pm to 11:30pm I go to bed. I like to watch something before I go to bed, either a YouTube video or an episode of Teen Wolf. And then I sleep. My bed time in the USA is pretty early compared to my bed time in France. I was never asleep before midnight at least in France. Here, I usually sleep between 9pm and 10pm, and it's very satisfying ahah!

So my favorite days are the odd days because I love my English class, it's very interesting and tat is a smooth beginning of the day, and also because of study hall. My teacher this semester is very nice and as soon as we're quiet, we can do whatever we want so I'm often talking to my family on whats app, doing my homework, or working on my blogs or my scrapbook like I am right now.
But we also have days that aren’t fitting in the typical day, like when we go out in Los Angeles to do touristy things (because even if I live here I still like to do touristy things because I don’t really know the area), when we’re going at food trucks nights, to Malibu (we love to hang out there it is very relaxing, and there is a little food place that we like), when I have volleyball tournaments, when we’re going to the mall etc…

Well, that’s a typical day in my life, I love my life here, and I love my little routine. Being an exchange student is definitely something amazing, the experience of a lifetime and one can only understand the feeling if one tries it.

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