A Day in the Life of an International Student

Claudia from Spain
| Canada

Being an international student is fun. I have lots of time to relax and enjoy this magical
experience. Everyone treats you really good, and you will have more advantages than other
students. For example, teachers will help you more than to other students, and you’ll have more
time to complete the exams. Now, I’m going to show how is my daily life as an international

6:00 - My alarm sounds, and I wake up. I have breakfast and dress up.

7:10 - I start walking to my bus stop.

7:20 - I get the bus. I’m normally 20 minutes on the bus. At that moment, I always use that time
to check out my social media.

7:40 - The bus arrives to school. Classes don’t start until 8:15, so I go to my locker to organize
my day, and talk to my friends.

8:15 - The first class starts. We need to get up and listen to the national anthem. Later, we look at
the daily announcements to find out about any sports or what’s going on at the school.

9:35 - The first class finishes and we go to the next one.

10:55 - The second class finishes. At that time, my friends and I discuss where do we want to go
for lunch. We normally sit in the corridor to have lunch, but sometimes we like going to Tim
Hortons to get coffee or a doughnut. This is our time to relax and talk.

11:55 - Lunch finishes and we need to go to the third class.

13:10 - The third class finishes and we go to the last class.

14:30 - Classes finish. I am in the field hockey team, so I have training until 16:00 or a mach.

16:10 - I get the bus to go home.

16:40 - I arrive home. I have some snacks and watch TV.

18:00 - I start doing homework. Normally I don’t have much, but I still read or do something

19:00 - I like to go skating Mondays and Tuesdays until 20:30. My host family drives me, and
stays to watch me fall :)

20:30 - We go back home.

20:45 - We have a delicious dinner!

21:00 - I have a shower.

22:00 - I try to sleep 8 hours and be in bed.

This is my daily routine. I hope you’ve liked it! I really love it here and the ice skating. Here is a short video of my ice skating skills!

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