The Perfect Schedule

Claudia and her friends taking a plant course
by Claudia from Spain
| Canada

When you are studying high school in another country it is important to have fun and achieve good grades. Here are some tips you can use to create the best high school class schedule when studying abroad!


Think about what YOU would like to study.

When in high school, study subjects that interest YOU! Some subjects you can not choose (like English or Math classes) but try to pick subjects that interest you. It also needs to be relatable to your future career. (If you want to study medicine, don’t choose geography because it won’t help you when you are older.)

Balance serious subjects with fun subjects so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Be careful when choosing subjects where you are going to study a lot. It's easy to become really stressed and you are not going to enjoy the experience of studying abroad. Choosing fun subjects will help you to socialize more and have fun in school.

Make sure class credits can be applied to your university/college.

If the credit is not valid for your university/college, there is no need taking that subject. Instead, you could pick another subject you are going to enjoy or can be helpful.

Choose subjects you are really going to enjoy and can help you de-stress.

Going back to point two, don’t choose a subject you know you are going to hate. It will completely ruin your whole experience. Choose subjects like art, Phys.Ed, or Technology that you know you are going to have fun and learn new and interesting things.

Ask the school’s guidance counselor to help you choose subjects more suitable to you.

The school’s guidance counselor will help you choose the subjects you can study each semester. You can ask him/her if you have any questions and will help you choose which subjects you will enjoy most.

Here I’ll show you my schedule for grade 9 and I’ll explain why I chose those subjects:



Semester 1

Semester 2


English: I wanted to improve my English

Phys. Ed: It is healthy to practice sports


Science: I want to study medicine in my future, so I need science

Food & Nutrition: I thought it would be interesting and fun


Technology: It is a fun subject, and it helped me to socialize with people

Math: It is a subject I need to take to be able to go to university


Phys. Ed: I love sports and helps me relax


Art: It's fun and helps me relax

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