My Favorite Study Abroad Memory

Claudia from Spain
| Canada

My favorite study abroad memory was, by far, when it snowed for the first time! I was extremely happy because in Spain, it never snows. I have never seen so much snow in my life!

I was at school, practicing for volleyball, and a snow storm started. Soon I started jumping because I was extremely happy. Before that moment, I had never seen snow before. My friends and I all went outside to play with the snow. It was so much fun!

Then it was time to go home. As usual, I take the bus. Surprisingly, it came 45 minutes late because the snow storm was getting stronger and there was a lot of traffic. I started to freeze because I didn’t have snow boots or a coat. Those 45 minutes felt like 2 hours!

When I finally arrived home, I was so relieved to have dinner with my host family. Then my host mom asked us to help shovel the snow. Shoveling snow would make it easier for us to go outside and easier for her to get the car out.

Honestly, I loved shoveling! It was something new to me that I had never experienced before studying high school in Canada. I was amazed and excited, I just couldn’t believe it, to see snow! My host sister and I start to shovel, but as expected, we start playing with the snow and making snowmen! It was great. I really thought I was dreaming!

I really enjoy doing new things and learning new cultures and ways of living. Seeing snow, and even shoveling the driveway, was a fantastic experience.

Now it is winter and it doesn’t stop snowing! Watching the snowfall was incredible and something that I won’t forget from my time studying in Canada.

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