Pumpkin Carving

Claudia from Spain
| Canada

I had so much fun carving my pumpkin. It was the first time I carved one. I spent
approximately 2 hours scooping and carving, but it was worth it! When I finished I was
really proud of my pumpkin. Here I leave you some pictures of the process and of the
final result.
I am sure I’ll carve another one when I return to Spain and I’ll show my family how to
carve them.

I. Buy a pumpkin.

II. Wash the pumpkin.

III. Cut the lid with the steam at an angle of 45º. (This will prevent the lid from
falling inside when you put it back on.

IV. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. (If you want you can clean the seeds and
bake them. They are delicious!)

V. Draw the design you want on the pumking. (Make sure it is with a permanent marker)

VI. Start carving! You’ll need to be patient, it’s hard work.

VII. With a smaller knife carve the details.

VIII. Put a candle inside.


TIP: Don’t put the pumpkin outside! The squirrels will eat it and ruin your design…
Claudia B.

Student Ambassador Claudia hold a pumkin to show before carving

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