Packing to Study Abroad: What to Bring?

Educatius student, Claudia, with a couple of her friends
Claudia from Spain
| Canada

10 days before coming here I was excited, but really stressed. Why? Well, here is the answer: I didn’t know what to bring to Canada. I was worried I would forget something. I wished I had a list of things I needed to bring to not forget anything. Now, I am in Canada and I am writing this to help future study abroad students.

1. The most important thing: Clothes. You don’t need to put so many in the luggage, as you will want to put other things in it. Just choose 3 trousers, 5 t-shirts, 3 sweaters, 2 pijamas and 2 pair of shoes. (You need to remember that there will be shops where you´re going. You can ask your host family to go to the mall and buy clothes. Moreover, when you arrive it’s going to still be hot. You have plenty of time to buy special clothes). On the airplane, wear sport clothing as you need to be comfortable. Don’t forget a big jacket because it is going to be cold. Wear a little purse to have your passport and fly ticket always with you. (I wish I could have remembered that).

2. Hygiene products. Like your toothbrush, hair brush, contact lenses (if you use), perfume, shampoo, shaver… whatever you need in a little bag.

3. A backpack. I had a backpack with me apart from the luggage. You can put your tablet and computer in the bag to use while you are on the plane.. You can also put some food and money for the airport. You should have all the documentation there to have easy access to it. Trust me, it is much easier.

4. Personal objects. Personal objects will help you when you are homesick. A picture or a stuffed animal can help you when you are a little sad. I brought from Spain my stuffed animals. They help me so much! They remind me that feeling a little bit sad is normal, and that this is a great experience that I will not regret.

5. Don’t forget to bring some money from the country you are going to study in! You should also bring a credit card that you can use there and your parents to be able to insert money in the card whenever you want to.

Extra: I used a really big luggage, 23kg fit in it. Buy a luggage with a bright colour so that you don’t lose it

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