Holidays Away From Home

Educatius student with her sisters
by Daria from Russia
While studying abroad, you may feel homesick, however, your everyday routine such as school, homework, extracurricular activities, and sports, usually help you to steer your thoughts away from home and family. When you are busy learning to live and study in a different environment, you simply have no time to think about your family and friends back home.

The most challenging time is when you must spend holidays without your friends and relatives. It can be a short Thanksgiving Break or a long Winter Break. During the school holidays you have more free time and fewer scheduled activities and this can make you feel homesick. Here are three simple steps that will help you to prepare for school breaks and holidays that will allow you to have fun!

Think positive, live positive!
Think about being away from home as an experience that you get to gain. I bet if you compare yourself to other teenagers your age, you will see that you are more mature, independent and organized. You are probably more prepared to be a real adult living on your own and taking care of your needs.

Prepare ahead of time
If you do not know what you are going to do over the holidays, you may feel very lonely and sad. Before the break starts, take time to sit down and write down the list of places you would like to visit and what do you want to do. Usually hanging out with friends is more fun than being by yourself. Ask your friends what are they doing over the break. If they are staying at the same place arrange in advance to hang out with you and plan activities with them.

Now when you know what you will be doing and with whom, you will probably avoid feeling homesick. Just enjoy the free time! Do whatever you miss when you are in school: sleep in a lot, spend more time on your hobbies, take short 1 day trips to events or museums instead of doing homework. You will be happier spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year away from home!

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