A Starter Pack for Long Flights

Student looks out the window of a plane
by Daria from Russia

I remember the anxiety I had before my first flight to the United States. The direct flight from Moscow to Chicago lasts for 14 hours and back then it was my first flight longer than 4 hours. I could not imagine myself sitting in one place for more than 3 hours that is why 14 hours sounded insane.

In order to not get bored and exhausted, I set a time for myself to write down the list of things I would do during the flight. If you are the kind of person who falls asleep a minute after you got on the plane or who can watch series or movies for 14 hours straight, you are very lucky because a blanket and a bunch of movies are always provided for the long flights. For those of you who are not, here is the list ‘’A starter pack for long flights.’’

  1. Music and books are two of the basic things which might be enough for some people. In addition to them, you can also download podcasts, games, favorite movies, cartoons, and series.

  2. If you have any study or work tasks that you can do offline, then do them! One of my friends once spent three hours writing an important email. In real life, it would have taken him much longer. Make the atmosphere on the plane is as concentrating as possible, so use it!

  3. If you are planning to watch all the movies they offer on the plane, take your headphones. Especially ones that are comfortable and with good quality. Airlines usually give headphones out, however, the sound is not great.

  4. What if you will hate the food they offer? You do not want to be hungry for a very long time. Bring your favorite snacks or even the whole meal from home.

  5. The last but not the least point is most likely will be useful for girls. The air on the plane is always very dry and has a lot of bacteria in it. If you want to keep your skin clean, I recommend having a small bottle of cleansing gel and a facial sheet mask.

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