American Football: Simplified

Emma from Austria at a San Diego Chargers game with her Host family
by Emma from Austria

Hello everyone,

Today, I will write a bit about football.

When you think about American schools, football comes to mind automatically. Most other countries know the sport only from movies; it is much cooler to be up-close. Not only is it probably the most popular sport in American High Schools but it's also one of the toughest. You must sacrifice a lot of time and give all your physical strength. I experience all this through my older host brother, Brett. He has been playing high school football for four years and this year was his last year. Every Friday, for 2 months, we traveled to several schools to cheer and support Brett. Football games were also great for meeting friends and getting to know other students better. Often, it was at the after game party where everyone would bond.

Brett trained every day for several hours, even when it was dark. There are two teams Varsity and JV (Junior Varsity). The students are divided according to ability and age. Although football is mainly popular with the boys, there are occasional girls who played. For me personally, I do not play football but I know a few girls who were on the team. The training does not always go as planned. Every day you have to give 100%. They will come home with bruises and scratches. But all that is worth it! You make great friends and you are one unit. You win together and lose together. All players are nice and helpful to international students who do not understand everything yet. This year an international boy played football. He caught up-quickly, thanks to his team and coaches. He was very sad when the season was over.

On a Sunday, my host family and I attended a professional football game. It was an amazing experience and had an electric energy. The LA Chargers played against the Arizona Cardinals. There were amazing touchdowns and celebrating afterwards. It was unforgettable. We were all exhausted afterwards, but the adrenaline was still flowing, and we had a lot to talk about. I will never forget this day!

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