Theater in High School

Self after drama practice!
by Emma from Austria

Hi everybody, it's Emma!

Today, I am will write about the theater program at the school!

Everything started with the "auditions." For the audition, I had to first memorize part of a play. Then I auditioned in front of a group of teachers and presented the part appropriately. A few days later, I got an email saying: "Welcome Emma to the Drama Department at Oak Park High School!"

This semesters production was called "The Dining Room." It's about a dining room and the people who come to tell their stories that connects them to the room. The audience gets to laugh quite often. In one of my roles, I had to kiss a boy. At first, I was rather nervous, but over time my nerves settled down. My partner and I are good friends and it did not bother us.

I especially enjoyed "Hellweek." Every day we had rehearsal until ten o'clock in the evening. In the end, we had four performances. The week was stressful, but all the work and nerves were worth it! To my delight, my American grandma came and we were able to spend time together.

When we were done with theater, it was very strange. I was not with the same people every day. We grew so much together and become a family!


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