American High School Academic Schedule and Classes

Filipe from Brazil
What’s up everyone? How are you all? Today we will talk about schedule, American classes, and American school's system. In my school we have three semesters (trimesters) for each school year: the first trimester starts in the first school day and goes until the thanksgiving break; the second stars after this break and goes until spring break ( which is April 1st ); and the last trimester starts after the break and goes until the last school day. Uff, now lets get to the fun part: MY CLASSES! We don't get to choose our classes but we can always talk to our counselor and change it to the way you want. 

At the first "tri" my schedule was: 
- Drama
- Drawing
- Algebra 2
- American history
- Biology

Drama was really fun, my teacher was awesome and really funny, at this class we learnt how to perform on stage and how to do things on back stage.

Drawing would be way more fun if it wasn't so boring. I mean, I like arts, I am not that good, but I enjoy it. In this class the teacher would give us a different kind of work with different materials once a week and we had to spend ONE ENTIRE WEEK doing it, drawing is cool, but not at school LOL. I am more into animate things. Come on, I am Brazilian!

Algebra 2, Oh my god this was so hard to me! I am 14 years old, it’s supposed to be my sophomore year but the Math class is for juniors or seniors. Before coming to America, I have heard that American Math is actually really easier than in Brazil. Well it is… if you take the class that you are supposed to! Anyways, I didn't do perfect in this class but it was enough, and yes it's all I have to say about algebra 2.

American history, or U.S. history, doesn't meter... It is a really cool class to students who like watching movies, history and of course America. You will basically talk about America and alllll the conflicts. I liked it, it was interesting but hard, because I am not from America, so I didn't know anything about American government, or wars and whatever, but it was cool learning about it.

Last but not least, Biology. Biology in America is REALLY cool and easy. We worked in labs everyday, and that was so fun! We used microscopes, went outside a couple of times and did other fun things, BUT, it could be a little hard for international students, especially to those who don't speak English perfectly, because there were a lot of scientific names, and complicated words... But it was cool and worth it!

Wuff... I am done! That was my schedule in my first tri. In my second trimester I am having: 
- Acting and directing
- Algrebra 1
- English 10
- Phys ed (gym)
- Biology

But it is all I will say for now, because I am coming back here to tell you with more details about how my second trimester is.

So thank you for reading, hope you have enjoyed and i will see you latter!

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