American High School Sports

Filipe from Brazil

Hi! What's up everyone? I hope you are all fine! I am Filipe from Brazil and today I am gonna to tell you about my spring sport at my high school. I already wrote here about how the sports work in my school (fall, winter, spring). We are in the spring right now, and in the spring we have a lot of "American Sports" – that are not available around the world. In my high school the sports in Spring are:

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Lacrosse
  • Girls tennis
  • Girls soccer
  • Rowing

I was gonna try rowing, but rowing is not really a school's sport, what means that we would have to pay for it and it is kinda expensive like 400 dollars, and I just didn't want to because there is so many other sports that I could pick so...

Finally I decided to do boy's lacrosse, the practices started 2 days ago and I am really enjoying it, it is kinda hard because I have NEVER heard about this sport before, so I am in the JV team , not in the Varsity, what means that I am not in the principal team but it is ok.

Lacrosse is basically a mix of some other sports, it has almost the same rules of soccer, but you use a stick to get the ball, and the ball is kinda similar to a baseball. You will use the stick to take the ball and throw it in the goal to score a point.

This year we will have few games and some of them are in other cities which is really fun in my opinion, because you get to visit different places and sometimes after the game we can stop and go have dinner with the team in some restaurant. Hopefully we will have some games in different states this year, I would love see most of the 50 states

Well, spring season has already started and I am really happy with that, I really feel like we will have a good season. If YOU would like to try one of those "American sports", studying abroad for a year is an EXCELLENT experience that you will love! While you are at it, Educatius is the best way for it. See you next blog!


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