First Thanksgiving and Christmas in the U.S.

Filipe from Brazil
What's up every one? My name is Filipe, I am an exchange student in Michigan. I am from brazil and gonna stay in the U.S. for an entire school year!

Being an international student from Brazil in America is funny, because sometimes people ask me where I come from, and I tell them brazil, they start speaking in Spanish to me! And my face is like "Dude, what do you mean", and they are like "Ohhh so you don't speak Spanish in Brazil! Do you guys speak Brazilian??". No we don't! We speak Portuguese ! I'll never get tired of hearing it.

Well, anyways. Here in America we have some celebrations that we don't have in the rest of the world, for example thanksgiving. My thanksgiving was super cool, I visited my host grandparents' house, but they didn't live together, so I had breakfast at my host grandma's which was super fun! She was so adorable - she bought Brazilian coffee and baked a lot of cakes for me! I AM NOT KIDDING! Then we played some games, it was super fun! At night, for the thanksgiving dinner, guess what? Food, food and more food! Especially the turkey!! After the dinner we ate some cakes ( By "some" I mean more than 10 kinds of cakes )

I love it 😍!
And Jesus! I almost forget, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S ! Ok! Of course, we have Christmas in Brazil, but it is totally different! Here, around one month before the holiday, people already are listening to christmas musics or watching movies, the houses are decorated with a bunch of lights ( It is just beautiful! ), candies. I made my own ornaments for my Christmas tree, because everyone at house have their "special ornament", mine was improvised, but I liked it!

Oh guys! An other really cool thing about going to an American school is that we have a lot of extra things to do, like sports or the clubs at school. Yes, we have sports back in Brazil, but not like here, had you ever watched football in a movie? Isn't it an American dream? The cheerleaders, the players! It is so magic! I did tennis in the fall ( the sports here are for seasons ), now it is done, but was so cool, we traveled to other cities to play!

I am also in the international club, everybody usually think that the international club is just for international students, but it is not. Of course international students are more than welcome to participate, but we have a lot of Americans. The purpose of this club is learn about other cultures, so we had a dinner with food from the whole world, we visited a museum with arts by artists from all countries! That is so cool! Yes, after reading this... Don't you wanna come?

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