School is Starting

Filipe from Brazil
What's up everyone? Well, Merry Christmas, I hope you guys all had a great break and new year. I've talked about Christmas, but not New Years in America. It is completely different! If you still don't know, I am from Brazil, and we usually celebrate it and have big parties and all this stuff. Here ( Especially in small cities ) the Americans celebrate it more at home with family, which is also really cool, and a great way to start a new year.

Well, but after all of this, it's time to go back to work, yeah, school starts again, and you are gonna see all your friends that you missed during the break. Every exchange student usually say that December is the hardest month in the whole program, so it's totally ok if you didn't feel so good, or you missed your family a little bit more. But if you wanna know, my December was pretty great, of course I missed my family, and seeing all my friends now in the summer ( Yes, it is summer in Brazil ), and I am here freezing lol.

My host family helped me a lot, they are wonderful! Educatius made a perfect choice to me ( And they are gonna do the same for you ). You know, my host family don't substitute my own family, but they make me feel really good and happy! I am so excited for the next months! I am sure that it is going to be amazing, but a little sad that I am already in the middle of my program!

BUUT more exchange students are coming right now, I love it! It is like meeting a thousand of different cultures!! Anyways... After reading all of this, don't you wanna come?

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