Sports at an American High School

Filipe from Brazil
What’s up everyone? Today we are going to talk about sports in your American high school!

Well, sports is a wonderful way to make more friends. Americans are fascinated by sports, so every school here has thousands and thousands of options of sports and students are always be in a sport! So it is a really good way to create friendships, after games or training we usually have a "pizza party" during which we talk and eat pizza!

In Brazil I played tennis four years ago, so I got in the tennis team in 2015's fall and it was a great experience, but also really tiresome because we had practice every day (about 3 hours practicing) and in the last weeks we had games almost every day! BUT the games are reaaaally fun, because some of them were in different cities, so we got the chance of touring other places, sometimes other states!

Here at my high school the sports are divided for seasons ( my tennis was in the fall ), and every season has the most popular sport, for example in the fall, the biggest is sport is the football. Everybody goes watch, even when the games are in different cities and they have to pay! Every year we have a really important game whose goal is to help fight against cancer. The name of the game is "pink arrows", and everybody puts on pink clothes! It's really fun, and it is also another GREAT opportunity to make friends!!

In winter the biggest sport is basketball. It just started and we are having games every Friday!
I am not sure of Spring sports yet but I am going to figure out and tell you! ( I guess it is the baseball ).

Well, i hope you guys all got to understand how sports are fun and important to our social life in our American experience!!Thanks for reading!

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