First Christmas in the US

Fride from Norway
Hi everyone! So this is my first blogpost for Educatius. I’m really excited to share my experience with you and I hope that you’ll find my posts interesting. I thought I could start of by writing about my Christmas celebration in the states. So I’m from Norway and located in Phoenix, AZ which means no snow. This was a bit strange for me, but I knew very well that it wouldn’t snow. Instead my host family took me out ice skating, so that I still could get the Christmas spirit. It was really fun! Rumina, our other exchange student, had never ice skated before. She was really good though.

We also had two Christmas workshops. My host mom really likes to be crafty, so me, Rumina and Sarah (my host sister) made little presents for our teachers and Tammy (my host mom) made some for her friends. We made little notes with chapsticks on it, chocolate trees and Christmas cookies. It was something I’ve never done before, but I liked it.

We also decorated the tree. Tammy’s aunt gave us an ornament with our names on it. I thought it was a really sweet thing to do. That way they’ll always remember me and Rumina!

After we decorated the tree we went outside to eat S’mores and listen to Christmas music. That has to be my favorite experience. I’d never eaten S’mores before and they were so delicious! That’s definitely something I’ll bring back home.

So that was some of the stuff I did this Christmas. It wasn’t really different from Norwegian celebration, except the snow. I have the best host family that makes sure of my happiness. I’m really enjoying myself here and I’ll be seeing you soon with more blogpost and videos.

Love, Fride “Friday”.

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