What I Love Most About Ireland

Educatius student, Gabriellla, sits along the Irish cost at sunset
by Gabriella from Italy
| Ireland
Ireland is a magical country, the ‘Emerald Isle’ as some might call it: its views, its atmospheres, its lights and I will say its rain as well. Ireland is famous all over the world for its landscapes and I think that is the first thing that must have made me fall for it.

Dublin city centre seen from O'Connell Bridge, just before sunset, is one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen in my life; not to mention locations such as the Giant 's Causeway or the Cliffs of Moher, which I shall say were the most unforgettable places I've ever visited. The sea, with its straight and its beauty, just under your feet and in front of you.

Another thing that I have found interesting about Ireland is how you can easily find the whole world just a step away from you. You have the possibility to eat food and meet people from all over the world and being in touch with so different cultures and lives has taught me how stupid we are in thinking that the only reality is our city, our school, our family or our friends. There is so much more than that!

I’ve learnt to love even rainy days since here in Ireland it rains quite often, but it is not that annoying when you get used to it. I might also add that when I think of Ireland I think of sunsets because they often leave me speechless. I have to admit, I have fallen in love with Ireland for a lot of reasons: a hot chocolate with friends, a school trip or a walk in the park. After 5 months here, I continue to find something more lovely and surprising that makes me love Ireland a little more every day.

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