A Reflection: What I have learned studying abroad?

Hairou and her host family on a trip
by Hairou from China

"The world is not in your maps and notes...When you come back, you will never be the same again!" When you study abroad you not only learn about American culture, but also experience the lifestyle of the other half of the world. Going to school in America is not only academic but also cultural. Here is what I learned while studying in the United States.

  1. Learn to say goodbye

    It took a lot of courage to leave home and come to America, thousands of miles away. Mom and dad had dropped me off at the airport. I had prepared for the journey, but I still could not suppress the sadness. Dad helped me move the luggage while mom took my hand and kept telling me talking to me about food, safety, and clothing, You'll learn to say goodbye with a smile and appreciate each precious moment with loved ones more.

    Parting is the first lesson of studying abroad!

  2. Adapt

    With a nervous and excited anticipation, I came to this long-planned place and met my host family. Here you learn to adapt to the lifestyle of the host family. From new food, everything, around you is brand new. You gradually realize that everything is on your own. You summon up the courage to face the new life.

  3. Learn a new language

    The first day of school I was nervous when I met my teachers and classmates. However, in class, I suddenly found that all the English I had learned before was very basic. There was still a big gap in understanding the content of the teacher. So, I became more determined to improve my English.

    Every day can feel international students improve their English level progress is a very happy thing!

  4. Overcome homesickness and become stronger

    Most international students will want to go home during the US holidays. Watching host families members gathered together to celebrate the festivals, international student inevitably feel a little lost. But after the host family enthusiastically introduces us to the historical background behind the festivals and share some interesting stories, you will gradually overcome homesickness.

    The most difficult is the problem of homesickness, once you overcome this, I believe that nothing can faze you!

  5. Become more independent

    While studying in the United States, you become more independent and do your own things. In the exploration step by step, we learn many life skills, such as organizing your room, learning to cook, learning to use a variety of tools, and sometimes helping to clean the house.

    When most of the school year has passed, and you look back, you will find that you have grown a lot more than you did half a year ago.

  6. You will return more mature

    The last point is that studying in the United States will change your perspective in a certain way and your ideas will become more mature. In the last two months, you will find yourself suddenly reluctant to leave the place where you live and study. The friends you have made in America and the close relationship with your family make you very reluctant to leave. Recall the years best moments! You will find yourself a completely different you!

These are the things I want to share with you, I hope you will have a fruitful school year!

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