4 Tips for Taking the ACTs

Educatius student influencer, Hairou with her host gamily at Disney World
by Hairou from China

Hello, hope you all had a great thanksgiving holiday! Christmas it’s around the corner, it is my favorite time of the year, that means we will have our final tests soon, hope you ready for it! Today, I want to share with you some tips about how to take the American standardized test like the ACT or other tests.

First of all, before any test make sure you had a good sleep, and a health breakfast! Don’t be too worry, tell yourself “I got this!” For the ACT there are 4 different subjects: English, Math, Reading and Science.

  1. English
    Personally, I think English is the hardest part. Focus on four most common types of errors: error in subject or verb relationship, sentence structure errors, awkward wording, wordiness or incorrect use of idioms, and pronoun errors. And if you're really not sure about some questions just pick NO CHANGE and move on.

  2. Math
    Don’t spend too much time on some hard questions. Make sure you get all the one that you know. If you are stuck, try pluggiing in numbers from the answer choices. Start with the middle number if it doesn’t work, then you can figure out if you need to go higher or lower. If you finish early, go back and check the first 20 questions if you have time. It usually goes from easy to hard make sure you don’t lose points on these easy ones.

  3. Reading
    I think reading is the hardest part and the easiest part! As a second language speaker, reading is pretty hard in the beginning, it is very hard to understand and concentrate, but once you figure out the trick you will get a great score. Most important tip is do not get trapped in the details of the article, try to only think about what the main point of the passage is. Focus on the big ideas in each passage, not small details, preview the questions before you read. Lastly, remember to keep practicing your reading, try to read something every day, one day you will see your progress in English reading!

  4. Science
    It's the last part of an ACT test. You're almost there, you start feeling tired, but tell yourself you can do it! Again, don’t get bogged down in details of the passage. Think about what the purpose of this passage is or what the main point is here and what the figure is trying showing.

Thank you for reading this, I hope this will help you a little bit. For the ACT test you can take as many times as want, the more you take it the higher score you may get. Practice makes perfect! Hope you can get a great score on all your tests!

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