3 Tips for Studying

Vietnam student, Jenny, with her friends at a concert.
by Jenny from Vietnam
Hi guys, it is the final exams seasons and an extremely stressful time for every student. Therefore, I will show you how to manage your time well and organize your work well.

1. Learn, do not memorize!

There are many mistakes international students make when studying. One of them is to NOT memorize an entire lecture. This will not work in the long run and it might harm you in the future. During finals the teacher require the students to know the materials from the past semester. Therefore, squeezing in 30 pages of work might cause your brain to explode. Even if you do somehow memorize the entire lecture, then it will come back and haunt you. For example, you need to learn Biology from 9th grade to understand its foundation in order to get into an Anatomy class. So how can you learn? Engage in class participation. Revisit the lessons after class and be prepared for the next one. You will learn the lessons sooner than you think.

Also, one of the tips for taking finals are teachers usually take questions from old tests. Adjust the answers a little and put it in the exam. So, if you get any errors on your tests, study those first! It will be easier for you in the end.

2. Don’t study the night before!

Like I said before, studying the prior tests and lessons will be helpful. Also, most teachers hand out the study guides one or two weeks before the actual exams. The best plan is to actually study what you need to know day by day. It will not be stressful the night before you take the test. Also, if something interrupts you in the way, like if you get sick, it will not become an issue.

3. Eat healthy and sleep well!

I know it is very stressful to pass all your subjects. However, the more you are stressed, the higher chances you are going to make a mistake on the exams. Just be normal. If you already did well throughout the semester, you will definitely do well on the exams too. Also, failure is a great lesson to become success. Therefore, there is nothing you need to be worried about either way.

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