Do Not Panic About a Picnic

Educatius student Jenny with her friends and host family at a school picnic
by Jenny from Vietnam

Every year, around September, when most students start to adjust to the new school year, my school holds a family picnic. Students can invite their families and international students can use this time to strengthen their bonds with their host parents.

During this time of the year, I always feel much more connected with my friends through all the fun activities. We have dinner (fried chickens, burgers, hot dogs) which are all provided by the parents at our school. Afterwards, the students can buy game ticket to enjoy all the activities such the cake walk, bouncing house, rock climbing. Especially, this year, we had a dunk tank for the teachers, which was extremely amusing. I highly recommend anyone, whose school offers this event to join and have fun. You will miss-out on such a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy family time with your host parents, if you don’t go!

Hope you will appreciate the video! In addition to that, make sure you guys take this video as part of an encouragement to be more sociable and positive!


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