A Year in Reflection


A Year in Reflection - June Blog

“Last” is one of my least favorite words by now, it’s usually the end of something. This will be my last blog; it’s also the ending of my study-abroad journey. So in this blog, I will talk about myself after this year’s experience, and how it transforms me into a better person. So without further ado, let’s begin this flashback.
First thing I learn from this year is independence. The ability to live in a totally strange place and be able to adopt it is really important for future life. Because one day, we all will leave home, leave our parents, leave the comfort zone. It is nearly impossible for me to imagine myself talk to strangers and get to know them two years ago. But now, it’s not a problem. These two years help me form a better personality that will benefit my future. Responsibility is the second thing I learned. They said the more responsibility you have, the more mature you will become. Jumping out that comfort zone, I realized there are much more responsibility I need overtaken this year. Being able to take my responsibility help me become more mature.
Friendship is the third that I obtain and the thing that I treasure the most this year. Before I came to US, I thought I would just be the lonely boy who always sits alone during the lunch in cafeteria. And then, things actually work into a totally different direction than I thought. I made a lot friends, and they actually the most important reason for me to re-visit Boston. Friendship is the booster to this excellent year. Last but not the least, the experience I had this year. I become more open-mind on the things I don’t know. This year is awesome, this life will be awesome.

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