Boston Nostalgia


I’ve been staying in Boston for more than 8 month, and for the first time, I put every piece of memory about Boston together. Here is my story about exploring Boston:

During my exchange student year in Texas, I met a student who move from Boston and she told me how pretty Boston is and told me it is necessary to live there for a time period to feel the surrounding atmosphere in my lifetime. She said it was a place you don’t want miss. I guess that become the second factor that lead me to Boston. After my exchange year, I became so interested in American culture my mom agreed to send me to US for another year of life. I chose Boston.

Boston has as many cars as any other big city. I learn much more things about this city other than the “Bike Fact”, and many of them become the reason that I love Boston so much. Let’s begin with the subway line. I believe the founder of all the top university in Boston area would never thought their school can become the origin of all famous people (most of famous people). The subway lines connected all these university together. Two lines are the most famous one. One is red line, contain stops for Harvard University, MIT and Tufts University, the other is green line, connect Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern University. I believe Boston has the highest level of education in worldwide. I suggest that change the red line name into “the subway line for future presidents, Nobel prize winner and all other people who wish to become presidents and winner of Nobel prize”. The oldest subway system in Boston will be ongoing for centuries, as well as this beautiful city.

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