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This Christmas is the second one I had in US and I been waiting for this since the first day arrived in US. It wasn’t just for the day-off, but for the Christmas spirit and custom that I’m curious about. Christmas is probably the most important festival in US, and the experience is irreplaceable compare to the information I gather from film or news before.

Christmas already started for me before its calendar date. Some of my friends at school already show up with a white-dot-red-cone hat(The Christmas hat) and the school student council set up table in front the cafeteria for selling Christmas candy cane(one of the school’ tradition for Christmas). People can buy the candy cane and request student council member sent to the person that they want to say thank you as a gift. So I refer to Christmas as second Thanksgiving, just without the turkey and tons of food.

My School holds a ceremony for Christmas every year called “Holiday Tradition”. All the student can participate. The participants will organize one table that be used to exhibit some items and cultural tradition information about other countries’. The date is right before the weekend of Christmas. At that day, Christmas not just the regular holiday, but a holiday combine all different element. And I had the honor to be the manager of China Section. I talked about Chinese Lunar year and the Chinese Zodiac. When I look back at Christmas, that all the holiday share one element: Happiness. The school band performed traditional Christmas song as the ending of today’s activity.

Day off started after the Holiday Tradition, and I took the bus from Boston to New York City at the same night. After four hours ride, I saw the curved and bright skyline of NYC. It’s still the same as the one I saw the first time, but I can see red-green blinking. As the bus drive deeper into the city, the city back to it normal appearance: Covering with countless golden light. The red and green light was removed from the sky, all the store windows replace the blank that left by the Christmas light. They were decorated with Christmas tree and hat-- a much more realistic way than the Christmas light.

The neighborhood I went was in Brooklyn where my uncle use to live in. The people lives in this block decorate their houses with tons of money and effect. People called this neighborhood “Dyker Heights Christmas Light”, it attracts thousands of tourists from all around world during the Christmas vacation. Some focus on religion meaning, the story on Bible, but more of the houses the appearance, they put on as many light as they can, turned the whole street into day time.

What more famous about NYC’s Christmas is Christmas Window. The origin of this tradition is for commercial purpose. As the time went by, the companies start to decorate with much more thought. Until now, the Windows become the symbol of Christmas Spirit and appeal people with well-designed decoration. Some of most famous windows was made by Macy’s.

Christmas tree is a vital element of Christmas, and the size determined the attraction. One of the biggest Christmas tree was in front of the Rockefeller Center. Every Christmas, it will hold an annual ceremony to light up the tree. The Christmas tree changing every year, picking from nationwide.

For me, Christmas wasn’t about religion, it is special date that everyone gather around create happiness, nothing would be grey under the golden Christmas light. Wish you a merry Christmas, and waiting for next Christmas!

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