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Love and Snow - February Blog

February is a month of love and snow. Even though these two things can’t fit together, it still make sense for me. February is month of love indeed, especially for 14 this magic number. Valentine's day is popular in almost every countries. This year, I experienced a real holiday of love, but I learned more than just rose for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Valentien is not just for love between couples, but for all kinds of love. The love between you and your parents and grandparents are the same kind love that Valentine celebrate. ( Probably I just jealous for people who have girlfriend, but it is true that Valentine is for all kinds of love)

As I mentioned at the beginning, February is a month for snow too. Massachusetts shows me what is real winter feel like. Two words to make conclusion: cold but joyful. For a boy who come from a town that never snow before, 12 inches snow is like a huge challenge, both from physical and emotional aspect. Physical aspect is my body would never function in the morning, due to the low temperature,( It’s like a machine have certain function range, once out of that range, the machine refuse to continue work, I’m a dead machine in the morning); emotional aspect is the thought of walking in the cold winter. It didn’t sound too serious, but I need go through that every single day. I like every feature that winter have except the cold weather. Winter is the most beautiful season in my opinion, everything covered by white coat, with the decoration of bunny’s footprint and green pine tree. Winter not just contains one season’s color.

Snow man is another element of winter. All the white human figure seem to belong to innocent children, but I built a snowman anyway. No limitation for building snowman, just like no limitation for anything, only if you have the ambition.

Happy February for every international students who are away from home, enjoy the every moment of this experience, you will never forget. :)

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