My First and Last Prom


As the time fly by, we almost use up our ten-months-study-abroad time. One and half month left for those who are not senior, half month for those who are senior(like me). As the deadline for us, the international student, approaching, memory of this year come into my head like waves, unstoppable. After one year hard work at school, we earned what we paid. In the last half month, I want to share the activities with you guys, the activities that I will never forgot. Prom is an American things for sure. None of my friends back their countries have such fun stuff to do at the end of high school. So, this will be my first and last prom. Here are some tips I want to share. First, find a good barber, unless you want to go to the prom with a haircut that will be cringe whenever you see it. The prom picture will stay there forever, and you haircut do too. Second, since international students are more like depend on other people when come to the transportation issue, find a ride for yourself ahead of time. Speaking of transportation, a cheap party bus is the first choice, because you get to spend time with friends and you can play the music. But if you date(Let’s assume you have a date) drive to the prom place, there are no need to find other people, he or she will love to drive you. Fourth, a looking nice suit can cost couple hundred dollars, but it will cost roughly one third of the cost to rent one. So if you can, buy one that you can keep. Fifth, after prom, your friends would likely to throw a party, bring some comfortable clothes to change, so you can enjoy the party afterwards. Sixth, it is true to enjoy the prom, but make sure you shoot some videos, because you will miss this experience and your brain not as powerful as a phone to recall all the detail. Last but not least, prom is about dance, so don’t waste money to buy the ticket if you just sit at the table all night and do nothing. Set yourself free, prom night is belong to you.

PS: Here are some good place to eat in Boston, especially the Max Brenner (By the bald man)

Max Brenner 745 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116
Santarpios pizza 111 Chelsea street
Baked alaska oleana 134 Hampshire street

Sweet cheeks biscuits 1381 Boylston street
Blackbird donuts 492 Tremont street
Amorino gelato 249 newbury street

Union square donuts 20 Bow street Somerville
Gracies ice cream 22 union square Somerville

Chinese flatbread cafe 86 Bedford street Boston
Mikes pastry 300 Hanover street Boston

Roxys grilled cheese 292 mass ave Cambridge
Zenniken Waffle House 1154 mass ave Cambridge
All star sandwich bar 1245 Cambridge street cambridge

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