Trip to NYC


Trip to NYC - March Blog

During School’s winter vacation I went to visit my uncle in NYC again, because Boston and NYC are my favorite cities. This time, I have more time on traveling than during the Christmas time.

One of the most famous place you have to see when you travel to NYC is the Statue of Liberty. Fun fact, the statue is hollow, so she is not as heavy as it look like. Such an extraordinary landmark represent one of important part-- the Liberty, it also represent the friendship between France and America before. The Statue of Liberty also become one of the symbol of America. I was really impress when I see the surrounding of the Statue. Before, I thought she just alone and be placed in a manmade base. I didn’t realize until today that the Statute is standing in the island and surrounded by walking path, and the green lawn.( It turned yellow during winter, but I can imagine what is it look like in the mid-summer). You can feel it when you look upon her; you can feel what she is stand for even though she can’t move.

My next stop was The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the biggest art museum in the world. I was impressed by it both from size and the value of the collection. I spent almost three hours and only went through two sections: The Egyptian Art, and European Paintings. And there was not time for me to stop for each art works, because there are just so many and all are priceless treasure. One of the best place to go during the trip to NYC. ( I also put some my own drawing on the video too, just for fun)

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