April a Cultural Month

Julia from Brazil
April was my 8th month here in America. Before I came here, everybody told me that after a while I would not have more new things to do, but they were wrong.

My school, Erie First Catholic Academy, organized an interesting event - International Night. At EFCA we have a lot of international students from many different countries, so International Night was a great opportunity to know more about other countries.

Every international student was responsible to create a display and cook a traditional dish to represent their country.

I was very excited to do so, I always like to talk about Brazil. It was really interesting to see what people think about my country and also answer their questions. So I did my display, I played some Brazilian songs, and I had people play a game: matching some translations from English to Portuguese.

All the countries were very well represented and all parents, host families and students had a lot of fun that night.

Other intresting thing about this month: I joined the girl's soccer team in my school!

I'm a forward #13!

It's funny that everybody expects me to be a great soccer player, just because I'm Brazilian! Haha. I'm not amazing yet, but I grew up playing soccer. While American kids play baseball or football, we play soccer, so I have a lot of knowledge, but also I have a lot to learn! It's great to have the chance to learn and play with my friends. We played a couple games and we get better everyday! I think we will be ready for the tournament next month.

I'll bring you the answer for this next month!

See ya and thanks for reading!


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