February a Month to Celebrate Love

Julia from Brazil
I need to confess something: I never liked February. I don't know why, maybe because it was never interesting for me. But this year, it was different.

For example, this month I got to know one American " tradition", that I've never heard before: Half-birthdays!

I don't know about other countries, but in Brazil we only celebrate birthdays.
My host sister was born in August, which means that her half birthday is in February.
So in the morning, she got only half of a plate to eat, and half of a birthday card, and we only sang half of the happy birthday song. But she got one entire present, hahaha.

One of my friends got a surprise half birthday party, she's an international student from Switzerland and she's not gonna be here for her birthday in August, so her family did a half birthday party for her. They took us to a mini bowling! That was new too, I've played bowling before, but never in my life a mini bowling.

February is also known for the very famous Valentine's day.

I always had the idea that Valentine's Day was just for boyfriends and girlfriends, that is what we have in Brazil - June 12 is for couples. But it’s more like a love celebration here. I got cookies from one of my friends, and my host parents gave me a box of chocolate and a red rose. It was very sweet! And it proved to me that love is not only about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, love is everywhere - it’s in your friends, family and everyone that is special in your life. I feel really loved here. Many people ask me if I miss my family in Brazil, and yes, I do, but I have a family here too. I don't call them by "host" anymore, they are not host sister, host parents, they are mom, dad and sis. And they call me daughter too, and this means a lot to me! I think that if you get such a special relationship with your family you see how things are so much better! There's nothing better than feeling beloved! And spread love too, because one day they are gonna remember you as a great moment of their lives.

Speaking of love, Valentine's Day was my mom's birthday. We had a great time, and did everything that she likes to do. We watched some movies and had a cake with ice cream. Also we went to McDonald's, she loves the Big Mc, but she only eats on her birthday, so it's really special to her!

This month proved to me that life can be great every month, you just need to enjoy and spend time with those you love.

See you in March!

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