January a Month Full of Emotions

Julia from Brazil
January came with full of surprises, good moments, but also a sad goodbye.
New year’s eve was awesome! I never had so much fun! I stayed at home with my host family, but we did a lot of activities from 6pm to midnight, we never stopped! It was a great time and the best way to start the new year, next to this family that I love so much!

The next great event was the winter formal dance, which happened on January 9th. It was like a homecoming, but winter was the main theme. The place was decorated, full of snow flakes, and lights. Me and my friends decided to get ready together. It was a beauty day. And when we were ready we went out for dinner, at Max and Erma’s - one of our favorite restaurants. The night was awesome! We dance for hours, we had fun with our friends, we laughed, we enjoyed, and we left the party with so much happiness! It was a great night.

January also brought me a lot of fun with snow. As a brazilian, I had never had any experience with snow. But now I have the chance to enjoy it. Every place look so pretty with the light of snow! But the best part is definitely play with it. I built a snow man with my host brother, Chad. We also started a snow ball war. With my friend Julia, from Germany, I sled. I took my go pro with me, so we had the chance to record everything.

So far, January has been great, but I had some difficult moments. My best friend, Julia, from Germany, had to leave. Her exchange program was just for half year. I already knew that she was leaving earlier than me, but I think i didn’t had realize until I had to actually say goodbye. We prepared a couple of surprises for her, we ordered pizza for lunch on her last day of school, for example. We also had an entire day to ourselves! We baked a brazilian cake. We had a sleepover, and went to ice skating! And we also had a special dinner with her for her very last evening.

But then the moment to say goodbye came. My host mom took me and my sister to the airport to say goodbye. We made some presents for her and wrote a letter. When it was time for her to board, I couldn’t handle anymore. We hugged each other and started to cry. Seeing her leaving was really really hard, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet her and became close friends.

That’s something good and also bad. I loved to meet her, but now I need to say goodbye. I wrote in her letter “distance means so little and someone means so much”, and that’s so true! she might be far now, but I know that I have a friend in Germany and that in our hearts we will never going to be apart!

Thank you for letingt me share my moments!

See you next month!

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