March a Sweet Month

Julia from Brazil
March was an excited month. The reason why? Two words: Spring Break!

Every student was waiting for spring break, and even me, an international student who thinks that everyday in school is a new adventure, was waiting for this break.

It is always good to have some time to relax and enjoy some quality time with my family. My American mom and dad were on vacations too, so we got to spend time together. Also, my brother Chad came from college with his best friend ! His name is Josh and he is Canadian! We live so close to Canada (there's only a big lake between my city and Canada) but he is the first Canadian that I've ever met!

The house was full and fun was present everyday. Pretty much everyday we went out for lunch or shopping, so we were busy. We went to the movies too, and that's one of my favorite things to do.
I can't deny that I was waiting eagerly for Easter! I want to know so bad how Americans celebrate this holiday.

First of all, we decorated Easter eggs! That was something really new for me. We don't do that in Brazil. In my country we buy chocolate eggs, big chocolate eggs! It was so fun! We painted a bunch of eggs, and my siblings and friends made everything more fun!

But then Easter Sunday finally came! We went to church in the morning, and later we came back home. My American parents cook a special lunch, and we all had a delicious meal. After lunch, my American mom took us to a ride, because my American dad stayed home setting up the clues for the Easter scavenger hunt.

When everything was ready we came back home and started looking for the clues. I was doing pretty well, and it was so fun, because in my clues he wrote some random words in Portuguese, my language. At the third clue we all needed to pass a test to get the next clue. Mine was to sing the Brazilian national anthem! We continued looking for the clues, and in the end we all got our Easter baskets.

It was a great experience, and I will forever remember this Easter!

See you next month!


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