May a Month of Prom Goodbyes

Julia from Brazil
May is known for being the month that all the juniors and seniors in a high school are waiting for - because it's time for Prom!!!

Prom is a celebration for all the juniors and seniors, and it’s really different from the type of prom we have in Brazil. In my country prom is only for seniors, and is right after graduation.

But I really enjoyed the American prom!

Our prom at Erie First Christian Academy was outdoors! The weather was great, so we could feel the breeze and enjoy the good weather. We had dinner, all together of course, and we danced a lot!

The King and the Queen were announced and after one more hour of dancing we all stopped to watch a movie outside, under the stars. For the movie, we ate cotton candies and popcorns. After the movie, we had a bonfire, and we stood all talking and singing songs while one of our friends played guitar.

It was a great night and I'll never forget this special moment!

We also had our last day of school - seniors got to leave one week earlier. The last day was fun, but also sad. I am still gonna see a couple of my friends, and all my senior class is meeting for graduation, but there are some people in school that I'm probably not seeing again, and this makes me so sad! I built so many special friendships and I don't want to leave right now! But I know that my special moments and friends will stay forever in my heart!

I was a little bit emotional and crying when it was time to say goodbye to a couple of friends. But one of my best friends said something that really made me feel better, he said: "don't cry because it has ended, but smile because it happened". That's absolutely true, and that's what I'm doing right now, I look at all my pictures, videos and I smile, because I had a great time here!

Also, I still have some really exciting things to do before heading back to Brazil: I have graduation, I'm going to a Selena Gomez's concert and enjoy the city with my American family!

As my last blog here I just want to say to you that if you have a dream, go ahead and fight for it, don't be afraid! Live in America for a year was my dream and it happened! Also, if you think about studying abroad, and living in another country - do it, you will have the best time of your life!

I'm sad about leaving soon, but after my time here I'm a better person, I'm more mature, more patient, I have brothers and sister and I'm ready for any new adventures that life will bring!

Thank you for been part of my experience and thank you Educatius for the opportunity!


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