How I Found My Perfect School

Lorenzo enjoys a basketball game in Indianapolis.
by Lorenzo from Brazil
Before telling you how I ended up at Scecina Memorial High School, I have to let you know that I am, and always was, a big fan of basketball. When me and my family agreed that it would be great for me to study in the Unites States, our search for the perfect school began. During the process of choosing the right school for me, we had clear definitions for what we were looking for: it had to be at a big but not giant city, it would have to snow at some point during the winter and the school would have to have great academic and athletics programs. After spending hours looking for our perfect match, we came to realize that Indianapolis, a city that matched the descriptions of the city we were looking for, was the “Mecca” of basketball and then we began focusing our attention in schools at the state of Indiana.

Scecina Memorial was by far the best choice I could have made. Scecina is not only good, but great in the academics area, with small classes that make possible for the students to have more attention from the teachers and with a big variety of classes available for anyone to take. Also, the school is famous and has a great history for its football, softball and wrestling programs. With the great teachers I have and the amazing energy that you can feel in the hallways during the passing periods, plus the athletics program and the city itself, I am completely sure I’ve made the right choice by picking Scecina.

By the time I am writing this, I am a junior, but I came to Scecina as a sophomore and will come again for a third year as a senior. Happy, thankful and proudly I can say I could have gone to any part of the world to study, and I chose Scecina not only once, but twice and will soon choose Scecina a third time to complete my high school education.

One specific thing that I was not afraid of, but of course my parents were, was about the host family I would stay with. As soon as I got here, I could already tell my parents to not worry about it, because I perfectly matched with my family. I have my own space and rules to follow, besides having the love and kindness that I wouldn’t receive at a regular house, but only in a home.

I honestly believe Scecina is the best school in the world for me. The experiences and the people, specially the students themselves, made and are still making it a experience with a huge meaning in my life, and certainly as well in my future.

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