Five Great Tips for Natural Parents

Natalia from Brazil

Five Great Tips for Exchange Student's Parents - June Blog

So far, we all know that studying abroad has a lot of preparation to do , the student has to be prepared for the independence of the program and how far of the comfort zone it's going to be, making decisions with responsibility is primordial for that amount of time without parents around.

Well, to go on a exchange for that amount of time, is not only the student that has to be prepared, the parent would have a lot of changes to get used to while their kids are gone, all the paperwork and be prepared to support their thoughts even from far away.

1-Discuss health and safety problems Overseas

Know what plan you have.
Verify your coverage.
How much does it cost.
Will the domestic plan cover?
Where can you get travel insurance.

2-Plan out a way to keep in touch

Set up a plan including numbers for emergencies both at home and abroad, have student’s address abroad and all information of the host family or student home institution.
Schedule a certain time that you talk every week. Leave your child some room and time to enjoy being away, but make sure that you’re there for support.

3-Help with culture shock

As we have contact with a new culture, we become familiar with new practices. We learn the smells, sounds of our new place. Eventually, we become accustomed to the new way of life.
Help your kid get comfortable with the new situation, always be there for them.

4-Preparing to go back home

After an amazing trip away from home, meeting new people, trying new food and experiencing new adventures, it will be time to go back home. Leaving your new friends who will go back to where they are from and going home to where you are from can be really hard. This is why it is important to remember your exchange student to live every day to the fullest while they are away, and make the most of every day.

5-Help with reverse culture shock

As the exchange student settled into their foreign location, they've spent less time in their home culture. Upon return, not only is home different from what they are now used to, but it may be different from what it was when you left, and different from what you expect it to be like.

In my personal experience, i’m more than thankful that my parents at home were always supportive, it was an important fact that helped me through the entire school year. My family at my graduation, in this special event, was the most important thing of the year for me.

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